DIVINE SPARK STUDIO recognizes the sacredness of everyone's unique spiritual journey toward fulfillment and purpose. We are committed to your journey of self-discovery and the realization of purpose. We invite you to become a part of our dynamic community and embark on a journey of divine enlightenment through our signature pathways, progressive coursework, and practical labs.


Cultivate immersive learning experiences that nurture a holistic spiritual journey of personal transformation and realization.


Empower individuals to actively engage in our shared spiritual responsibility of co-creating a more conscious and compassionate world.

DIVINE SPARK STUDIO embodies our life’s purpose: to awaken the spirit, magnify the Divine Spark within, and empower us to manifest our highest spiritual ideal.”

~ Dr. Alex & Veronica Cochran


Have your faith-based efforts yielded the desired fruitfulness? Are you experiencing your desired impact? We stand amidst an era of profound global complexities, which compels us to embrace our divine identity, elevate our collective consciousness, and engage in purposeful contributions to address our shared challenges. Yet, many find themselves spiritually stagnant, disheartened by the absence of growth and progress in their spiritual journey. Consider this… Your stagnation is a sign that you are on the cusp of a spiritual metamorphosis! As uncomfortable as it is, coming to the end of our faith is an important spiritual step necessary for true spiritual evolution.



Your journey will begin with EMERGE, our first spiritual pathway, designed to awaken spiritual consciousness. Emerge focuses on elevating your spiritual awareness and discovering your spiritual identity.



Your journey continues with EVOLVE, our second spiritual pathway, designed to inspire new levels of engagement and ownership (responsibility) in developing your spiritual potential and enhancing your spiritual maturity.



Your journey culminates with ELEVATE, our third spiritual pathway, designed to promote spiritual actualization (i.e. fulfillment), resulting in a tangible cultivation of community and contribution to its collective good and shared future.


Enlightening Pathways

Our dynamic pathways give everyone the opportunity to discover their unique journey to enhance spiritual maturity, connection, and practice.

Kindred Community

Belonging is at the core of one of our guiding principles. Our kindred communities cultivate authentic, meaningful relationships that value collaboration.

Interactive Focus Labs

The Focus Labs foster learning through experience, sharing real-life application and embodied principles while awakening spiritual insights.

Sacred Stillness Lounge

Curated as a sacred, devoted space and time, The Sacred Stillness Lounge will nurture the inner sanctuary of spirit and the spiritual discipline of rest.


Cultivating Spiritual Consciousness



$ 49.00