About Us

Spiritual Development & Transformation

DIVINE SPARK STUDIO School of the Spirit is a new dimension of the global mission of L.I.F.E. Concepts LLC. L.I.F.E. Concepts is committed to empowering individuals to recognize and reach their highest leadership potential. However, we also believe that unrealized potential is the primary reason for unfulfilled purpose. DIVINE SPARK STUDIO School of the Spirit exist to foster spiritual development, accelerate spiritual maturity and to strengthen our spiritual identities. It is our hope that as we develop and mature, we will evolve from spiritual philosophers to spiritual practitioners, transforming ourselves, our families and our societies.

Do you desire to become the highest and best version of yourself possible and live a life of divine purpose and meaning? It is possible! You are capable! There is more!

DIVINE SPARK STUDIO is committed to helping students…

  • Discover inherent potential
  • Develop personal leadership
  • Discern divine purpose

Our spiritual journeys are unique, sacred and on-going! DIVINE SPARK STUDIO offers revelatory courses, interactive modules and practical labs that will reignite your faith and inspire you to reach your highest spiritual potential. Spiritual ILLUMINATION (aka – enlightenment) is the key to spiritual comprehension and understanding. in the absence of spiritual understanding, we cannot build a working model of faith capable of achieving desired results. This can lead to feelings of spiritual uncertainty and disillusionment further stagnating spiritual growth and development.

We strongly believe that each us must take personal ownership and accountability for our spiritual growth, development, maturity and competence. While, this accountability can be shared with spiritual leaders, teachers, family, friends and community, we must not abdicate our responsibility or results to another. DIVINE SPARK STUDIO understands that spiritual competence is the key to becoming successful spiritual practitioners!

At DIVINE SPARK STUDIO, you will gain access to our premier, interactive virtual learning environment, signature developmental pathways, revelatory classes and teaching, intimate study cohorts and dynamic lab activities. Our complimentary resource library will host a diverse range of important topics and study resources, and it is available right at your fingertips. Students can readily access all of the necessary media, and powerful teaching tools through our online platform.



Convenient & Accessible Interactive & Engaging User-Friendly
With our online course platform, you will have 24/7 access to relevant course content, community and peer engagement, and social learning opportunities that reframe existing paradigms while bridging new spiritual concepts and understanding to real-world applications.
Interact with instructors and peers in a collaborative, online learning environment as you explore using course concepts in interactive lessons and teaching modes, individual assignments, cohort discussions, lab activities, assessments, and feedback offering an unforgettable learning experience.

Our e-learning platform is easy to navigate and user-friendly because we recognize the important role technology plays in online learning. We want our students to not only gain valuable knowledge that results in practical application but also to have a rich and engaging learning experience.

It's Your Journey!
Now, Discover Your Pathway!

Do you have a growing sense that you were created for more? Be assured that there is more waiting for you! Have you experienced spiritual stagnation and really struggled to live by faith? Have you ever stopped to consider that when you experience spiritual frustration and dissatisfaction, it can actually be a sign that you are on the cusp of a greater self-revelation or transformation? Improving our spiritual condition is our spiritual priority! Did you know that becoming spiritually mature involves building authentic life-giving relationships and serving as positive agents of change within our communities? Our divine spirit and nature are powerful sources of inspiration and illumination. DIVINE SPARK STUDIO is a Spirit-led interactive online learning environment and spiritual resource for those who aspire to know God in a more intimate and life transforming way. We are building a world-class staff to support your spiritual journey and optimize your learning experience. We encourage you take ownership and shared accountability for your next level of spiritual growth and development – Imagine the possibilities as you navigate to a life of meaning, fulfillment and purpose.

What You Can Expect:

Revelatory & Relevant Content Unique Course Design Sequence
Our learning content and resources cover an array of pertinent spiritual
topics to empower students to better understand spiritual concepts,
practice spiritual disciplines, and live.

Our signature learning pathways are designed to build upon each other. Our dynamic courses complement each other, and the sequence in which they are executed is important to learning outcomes and experience.
Interactive & Collaborative Learning Labs Blended Online Learning Format
Learning is collaborative. The purpose of our learning labs and instructional activities is to learn together, share perspectives, explore new ideas, and put them into practice immediately to enrich learning.  We offer a blended learning format. Students can participate in anytime, anywhere learning during the asynchronous parts of the course and then take part in real-time classes and activities for the synchronous sessions.